Saturday, June 28, 2008

off the grid

sorry about the delay, man, but things have gotten out of control as the time dwindles. it always happens: things ramp up and people realize we have 2 days left to get everything we need. they start jumping and shouting and things actually get slower. and louder. and more stressful. but alas, i am out of the woods for shooting. finished in a flurry of activity. some highlights:

last night's dinner with pi song (mifune)-his favorite chicken stand

jaywalking in bangkok at night

jaywalking in bangkok in the day

some giant street market situation with loads of smelly indian men (confirming my desire to avoid india. i will eat indian food in london, thank you very much. all the pros without all the poverty, crowds, smells, and devastation.)

staying in a new hotel (this one has hot water!! how luxurious!!) but i forgot to take my computer, hence the lack of posts

traveling 5k in an hour and a half (yeah traffic!!)

watching the waitress get scared out of her wits by a rogue elephant at pi song's chicken stand

getting scared out of my wits by a rogue elephant at pi song's chicken stand (actually, it was not rogue but was being walked by a couple of down on their luck types. you pay them 20 baht or like 60 cents and they give you a bag of sugar cane to feed the little guy. he was two years old and about 7 feet tall. hairy. he trunk would reach into your hand and suck up the cane like a slimy vacuum attachment. he has sad sad eyes. apparently this type of activity is illegal in bangkok but so many folks used elephants to make their livings years ago that it has kind of clung on. i mean, come on...homeless guys in the states just fucking lay there. these guys had an elephant! none of this "why lie, i need a beer" shit. they had an actual elephant. i paid them and smiled. and then had to eat my meal with an elephant snotted hand. if i get sick, i will blame the elephant. so far, i feel fine.)

room service at the new hotel (i am tired)


hot hot heat

coming home monday